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GARDEN SHEDS, We have 4 standards of quality, one to suit every budget that can be built to your requirements and custom sized if needed.

All sheds are delivered with prefabricated wall and roof panels. This means in most cases you will receive 4 walls and 2 roof pieces, making assembly very fast and very easy.

Most other brands of Garden Sheds are supplied in a small cardboard box, using light gauge steel and with many pieces. Most will claim to be the fastest to install, we GUARANTEE THAT THEY ARE NOT.


These are built using light gauge 6 rib steel (.30bmt), in 3 colours with hinged doors which are comparable with most major brand Garden Shed Suppliers. These are great for those on a tight budget or just want a cheap shed

These are built using medium, high tensile 6 rib steel (.35bmt Colorbond) and (.32bmt Zinc) in 5 colours with hinged doors with a heavier gauge than most other manufacturers.  These sheds will withstand general ware better as they are harder to dent, ensuring they look better for longer. For those who want a good shed at a great price.


These are the same as the Dependable Range but have strong internal wall framing added which gives these sheds exceptional strength. For those who want a great shed at a great price.


These are built using heavy, high tensile corrugated roofing materials (.42bmt) in 20 colours with quality sliding doors and have strong internal wall framing. For those who insist on Strength and Quality!
4 ranges of Garden Sheds, panels pre-essembled
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