Stud Frame Garages With Awnings

For more than 21 years, Dependable Sheds has been manufacturing and supplying a range of quality Stud Frame Garages with awnings and outdoor sheds for sale throughout the Darling Downs and South East Queensland. A locally owned and operated family business, we offer free quotes for all our Shed kits and services, along with competitive prices.

Stud Frame outdoor Sheds are supplied with pre-fabricated wall frames and roof trusses – similar to house frames. This allows for quick and easy installation, all window and door openings are built into the panels for your added convenience. Stud Frame Sheds kits are delivered pre-assembled to save you time, and are made from high-quality steel. This means they’re durable and will last for years to come. When you come to Dependable Sheds for a Stud Frame Garages with awnings, you can be sure that every one of our products will be finished to an exceptional standard and priced to suit your budget.

Give us a call and let us design and price your shed your way.

Here are a few outdoor sheds kit sizes and prices to get you started

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Stud frame garages, sheds, with awnings
Stud Garages With AwningsAwnings 3mt wide
Length (m)xWidth (m)xHeightRoller DoorsPrice
6.16x4.00x2.401 r/door
7.66x4.00x3.001 r/door
9.16x4.00x2.701 r/door
6.16x6.00x2.702 r/doors
7.66x6.00x2.402 r/doors
9.16x6.00x2.702 r/doors
12.16x6.00x3.003 r/doors
7.66x7.00x3.002 r/doors
9.16x7.00x2.402 r/doors
12.16x7.00x3.003 r/doors
7.66x7.50x2.702 r/doors
9.16x7.50x2.702 r/doors
12.16x7.50x2.403 r/doors
9.16x9.00x2.702 r/doors
Stud frame garages, sheds, with awnings
Stud Garages With AwningsAwnings 3mt wide
Length (m)xWidth (m)xHeightRoller DoorsPrice
6.16x4.00x2.401 r/door$5,515
7.66x4.00x3.001 r/door$7,250
9.16x4.00x2.701 r/door$7,305
6.16x6.00x2.702 r/doors$7,141
7.66x6.00x2.402 r/doors$7,795
9.16x6.00x2.702 r/doors$8,865
12.16x6.00x3.003 r/doors$11,820
7.66x7.00x3.002 r/doors$9,390
9.16x7.00x2.402 r/doors$8,830
12.16x7.00x3.003 r/doors$12,500
7.66x7.50x2.702 r/doors$8,910
9.16x7.50x2.702 r/doors$9,570
12.16x7.50x2.403 r/doors$11,160
9.16x9.00x2.702 r/doors$10,345

*These Stud Frame Garages with awnings and Sheds for sale prices are based on having Colorbond walls and Zinc roof, 15 degree roof pitch, and X-factory. Delivery is extra and down pipes are not supplied