Bigger Portal Frame Sheds

For more than 21 years, Dependable Sheds has been manufacturing and supplying a range of quality Welded Portal Frame sheds and Garages. Supplying throughout the Darling Downs and South East Queensland. We are a locally owned and operated family business, offering free quotes for all our products and services. Competitive prices are just the beginning, our Welded portal frame Garages and Sheds for sale are highly durable and built to last. Using the best quality steel and materials, our portal sheds are also low-maintenance. We have something to suit all styles and budgets, so you’ll always find what you’re looking for.

Welded Portal frame sheds and Garages are built to a commercial standard to suit any requirements. All major connections pre-welded on to columns, rafters and mullions for extra strength. This eliminates screw and bolt on brackets which saves you time and money. The build is easier for the D. I. Y. people out there.

At Dependable Sheds, our products are highly durable and built to last, and can easily be installed D.I.Y. For your convenience our expert team of fitters can install it for you. Our staff are fully experienced in the manufacturing and building industry. Offering help and advice before and after purchasing Welded Portal Frame Sheds and Garages.

We also work within all relevant government regulations. Our sheds for sale and other products are all produced to strict Australian standards. Whether you need a large shed or small, we’re here to help. When it comes time to purchase, it’s best to go with an established firm for creating your perfect Shed. Dependable Sheds have been building Sheds for over 21 years, we will make sure you get exactly what you want.

Here are few Welded Portal Frame sheds for sale sizes to get you started

Can’t see the size you are after, call us on 1300 414 807 or request a quote with the size you need

Welded Portal Frame Sheds and Garages for Sale
Bigger Portal frame Sheds3.5m Bays
Gutter LengthGable LengthHeightRoller Doors (Any Side)Price
10.5x10.5x3.002 r/doors$11,900
14x10.5x3.602 r/doors$15,090
17.5x10.5x3.903 r/doors$20,780
21x10.5x4.203 r/doors$24,070
24.5x10.5x4.803 r/doors$28,200
28x10.5x5.004 r/doors$33,060
31.5x10.5x5.404 r/doors$37,100
14x14x3.602 r/doors$18,620
17.5x14x3.903 r/doors$24,275
21x14x4.203 r/doors$28,090
24.5x14x4.803 r/doors$32,790
28x14x5.004 r/doors$38,060
31.5x14x5.404 r/doors$42,690
14x17.5x3.602 r/doors$22,855
17.5x17.5x3.903 r/doors$29,220
21x17.5x4.203 r/doors$33,840
Welded Portal Frame Garages for Sale
Bigger Portal Frame Sheds
4.5m Bays
Gutter LengthGable LengthHeightRoller Doors (Any Side)Price
13.5x13.5x3.602 r/doors$19,357
18x13.5x3.902 r/doors$24,363
22.5x13.5x4.203 r/doors$30,501
27x13.5x4.803 r/doors$35,986
31.5x13.5x5.003 r/doors$40,880
36x13.5x5.404 r/doors$47,396
40.5x13.5x6.004 r/doors$54,354
18x18x3.902 r/doors$29,198
22.5x18x4.203 r/doors$36,055
27x18x4.803 r/doors$42,318
31.5x18x5.003 r/doors$47,980
36x18x5.404 r/doors$56,507
40.5x18x6.004 r/doors$63,611
18x22.5x3.902 r/doors$42,197
22.5x22.5x4.203 r/doors$51,536
27x22.5x4.803 r/doors$60,469
31.5x22.5x5.003 r/doors$68,194
36x22.5x5.404 r/doors$79,029
40.5x22.5x6.004 r/doors$88,616

*These welded portal frame Sheds and Garages prices are based on having Colorbond walls and Zinc roof, 10 degree roof pitch, and X-factory. Delivery is extra and down pipes are not supplied